Thursday, 4 October 2012

Maintenance of RO+UV Aqua Guard and AquaSure Water Purifier

Worried about the maintenance of your Aqua guard Protec Plus? Maintenance of the RO + UV AquaSure Water Purifier and Protec Plus is similar. Dial the Eureka Forbes customer care number; you will be guided accordingly. One of the few steps that you can follow is getting the particulate filter cleaned regularly. To start with, the tap water valve should be closed and the tap of the filter should be held, pushed downward, and separated from the pipe. The next step is back-flushing

How do you back-flush the particulate filter of your Aqua guard or AquaSure water purifier? The tubes from the outlet and inlet sides of the filter should be disconnected. The next step is getting the outlet connector of the filter bowl connected to the tube from the tap water valve. Ensure that the other connector of the filter is left open. The back-flushing process will start now. All you need to do is turn the tap on to maximum pressure and let it flow continuously for 10 minutes. The water should flow into the sink. Now get the respective tubes reconnected to the outlet and inlet connectors as before. Ensure that the tubes are not interchanged.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Warranty of your AquaSure Nano RO

So, your AquaSure Nano RO is within the warranty period. Are you familiar about the warranty terms and conditions of this Eureka Forbes RO system? Well, you enjoy warranty of the appliance for a year against defects arising from faulty design, workmanship and materials. The date of invoice is taken into account. In case you find a defect in your AquaSure appliance, notify the company by dialing the Eureka Forbes customer care number (3988 3333) or notify the authorized dealer from where you bought the appliance. The company executive or the dealer personnel will; accordingly inspect, test, and fix the defect. If the task can be handled then and there, you do gain a competitive advantage. If workshop task is required, you will have to deposit your Eureka Forbes RO system to the executive. A copy of its invoice needs to be submitted too. The same applies with problems detected during operation during the warranty period.

Determination of defects, if any, which are reported by the customer, is certified by the company after inspection and testing. If defects occur because of faulty maintenance, repairs/change of parts (by other technicians and not from Eureka Forbes), and abuse, the warranty will not be valid.

Eureka Forbes Vacuum Cleaner for Outdoor Use

Not able to get the right vacuum cleaner for outdoor use? You will not be disappointed buying this Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner called Euroclean Storm. It is designed for outdoor use only for cleaning of all types of vehicles, garden furniture, garden walls, outdoor surfaces, etc. The appliance shoots water at 50 times the pressure of a hosepipe; hence, following some safety measures makes sense. At the Eureka Forbes India corporate site, i.e., you will come across detailed description of the appliance. Read the user manual after getting it downloaded from here. Comprehensive account of the safety measures are entailed in the manual. Persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities should not use it. If you have no knowledge about its usage, it will be wise on your part to take proper instructions. Eureka Forbes in India offers free home demonstration of its Euroclean appliances; dial 3988 3333, the Eureka Forbes customer care number to request for home demo. Do keep it away from the reach of children.

Assemblies of this Eureka Forbes Vacuum Cleaner include handle, switch (on/off), detergent tank, water outlet, high pressure hose, gun, lance, turbo lance, electric cable, water inlet + filter, and needle.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Dealing With Technical Anomalies in Aquaguard Water Purifier

Providing service support is an integral part of any consumer durable products company. No appliance can run long for years. If it is a purifier, you will need to service it regularly to continue getting 100 percent pure water from its faucet. Technical anomalies may crop up in the appliance any time. When such a situation arises, the consumer needs to notify the company immediately. Late the reporting, late will be the service support received.

Use of the Eureka Forbes Water Purifier is a rage in India. Over 10 million households at present use the Eureka Forbes water purifier. So, you can well imagine the count of service requests and the company’s effective dealing with every complaint or request.

Aquaguard is the flagship purifier brand of Eureka Forbes. How do you go about maintaining your Aquaguard Water Purifier so that problems do not show up fast and the cartridges run long? The ultimate objective is receiving pure H2O from the faucet every time. Keep the storage tank clean and if purified H2O is stored for over two days, flush it out. Check clogging and damaging of the filters. Servicing your Aquaguard purifier is just a dial away; dial 3988 3333.

Service Support for Eureka Forbes Aquaguard

Which Eureka Forbes Aquaguard system are you using? Have you availed service support from the company? Is your appliance within the warranty period or has exceeded it? Well no matter which Eureka Forbes purifier you are using and whether or not it is within or beyond the warranty period, you can always expect to avail prompt and effective service support. To serve the consumers better, the company has trained over 5800 technicians. The trained executives are well versed with the technicalities of every purifier from this company. And then 1100 service centres are located across the length and breadth of the country. 80 percent of the consumers have a service centre within a radius of 5 km from their homes. If there is a service centre near your residence, you can expect to avail support within 24 hours. For the remaining 20 percent, the 24 hour period may exceed but still your purifier problem gets solved in the specified time frame.

If any problem is detected in your Aquaguard system, dial the company’s customer care number immediately. It is 3988 3333 accessible round the clock. Executives on phone will respond to your complaints and requests courteously irrespective of how you react.

Monday, 27 August 2012

The Two Eureka Forbes Purifier Brands

Aqua guard or AquaSure water purifier – which brand do you want to go for? Well, both are brands from the house of Eureka Forbes and each purifier under both the brands speaks volume about technology incorporated, features, quality, innovation, and purification effectiveness. They only differ in terms of additional pioneering features and processing/storage capacities. Higher the processing capacities and additional the features, higher is the Aqua guard and AquaSure Water Purifier price. For example, if you buy the Aqua guard Total Sensa which is the world’s only purifier that comes equipped with E-boiling +, UV+, RO+ UF+ and SMP+ technologies that can purify any kind of water, the price would definitely go high. And even if you are ready to pay a higher price, you will not get such a purifier in the market. If you buy the Xtra storage AquaSure water purifier, you need to pay as low as Rs. 1490. This does not mean that the low priced system is not as advanced as the high priced system. You will find this low priced purifier coming equipped with at least four filter cartridges for effective purification. Complete details about both Aqua Guard and AquaSure systems are displayed at

Friday, 24 August 2012

AquaSure RO and Service Support

All RO systems require maintenance and service support; AquaSure Eureka Forbes RO systems are no exception. This brand of purifiers comes incorporated with multiple cartridges along with the TFC spiral RO membrane. In-built features enhance the life span of the membranes. Depending on the purification processing capacity, life of the membrane ranges between one to two years. But the cartridges require change earlier than the membrane. Higher the level of contaminants, dirtier gets the cartridges fast. And then appliances do show up some problem or don’t show up at all. What would you do if your Eureka Forbes RO shows an anomaly? All you need to do is dial the Eureka Forbes customer care number right away. It is 3988 3333, accessible round the clock. Trained technicians will turn up at your doorsteps within 24 hours to get the problem of your AquaSure fixed so that you do not run short of pure water.

The rage for Eureka Forbes RO systems are all because of the excellent product features serving the purification purpose effectively and prompt after sales service support provided. This company leaves no room for grievance. Want to buy an AquaSure RO system? Visit your nearest organized retail outlet.